A globally registered brand launched from Spain to reach 65 branches around the world, through which it offers sweets with a lot of love and a little of sugar and glucose, with its rich taste and famous artistic forms, Misha is the exclusive agent for Papabubble in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia & the UAE


A unique experience… in every piece of candy.

New flavors, new ideas, new textures…
We aim to surprise you every day at Papabubble.
We will delight your taste buds and excite your imagination!


Creativity + Quality + Passion

To make Papabubble candy, we use small amounts of sugar and glucose and a lot of love for our product.
Tons of love and passion for the process!
At Papabubble, we bring passion and creativity to each candy we make and we invite you to come share the experience. Each step of the production process and invite you to . Our goal is to have our candy making process will be an exciting experience for all 5 of your senses with the smell of melted sugar, the bright colors of the candy, and the sweet, delicious tastes. The process is a combination of art forms, including a bit of theater, design, sculpting, creativity and flavor!


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