Our mixes give you the opportunity to try a variety of flavor combinations!
We offer a multi-flavor fruit mix, citric mix, and sour mixes, gummy mixes and chocolate mixes.


You can choose from a few glass jars or a very high quality original bags.


Our bags are top quality, transparent in the front, silver color in the back. They are perfect to preserve the treasure they hide inside: the papabubble candy mix.

Bags of 3 – 4 units
Bags of 30 – 50 g
Bags of 60 g with zipper
Bags of 100g
Bags of 130 gr with zipper

* However, each country may vary the size of their bags depending on local needs


Our jars are made of glass, not plastic! Very elegant with a black lid which highlight its beauty. They come in three different sizes:

Small size 70 g
Medium size 190 g
Big size 390 g

* However, each country may vary the size of their jars depending on local needs

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