Candy for everyone! Have you name, initials, wedding dates, and even big company logos designed on our candy!

We want to surprise your wedding guests with a pack of papabubble with your names written on each piece, and that’s priceless when watching the satisfaction after receiving the papabubble gift. And it happens the same in birthdays, baptism, or bar/bat mitzvas.


We adequate our offer to the client needs, whether particulars or corporates:


Our bags are top quality, transparent in the front, silver color in the back. They are perfect to preserve the treasure they hide inside: the papabubble candy mix.

Bags of 3 – 4 units
Bags of 30 – 50 g
Bags of 60 g with zipper
Bags of 100g
Bags of 130 gr with zipper

* However, each country may vary the size of their bags depending on local needs


Our jars are made of glass, not plastic! Very elegant with a black lid which highlight its beauty. They come in three different sizes:

Small size 70 g
Medium size 190 g
Big size 390 g

* However, each country may vary the size of their jars depending on local needs

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